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Vienna’s first


Vienna’s first

Wine & Craft Beer Bar

Reinwein Seasonal specialties
Seasonal specialties
Depending on the season and availability, we serve our guests cold delicacies from all over Austria.

As we attach great importance to seasonal products, our offer varies constantly. Just ask for the current specialties.
Reinwein Snacks
Flammkuchen Klassik  (A,C,G,M) 8,90
Speck, Zwiebel & Käse
Flammkuchen Royal  (A,C,D,G,M) 9,40
Lachs, Spinat, Käse
Prosciuttoteller klein  (A,C,G,M) 8,90
inkl. Brotkorb
Prosciuttoteller groß  (A,C,G,M) 15,80
inkl. Brotkorb
Bierbrot  (A,C,D,G,M) 8,30
Bieraufstrich überbacken
Reinweinbrot  (A,C,G,M) 8,30
Speck, Schinken, Käse überbacken
Veggiebrot  (A,C,G,M) 8,30
Schafkäse, Paprika überbacken
Chili con Carne  (A,M) 6,90
Schinken-Käse-Toast  (A,G,M) 3,90
Knusperteller  (A,C,G,M) 4,90
Käse, Cracker, Feigensenf